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Are you someone who spends too much time on their feet? If you suffer from flat feet, you understand the struggle very well. Arch support is your friend, but it seems next to impossible to find a shoe that actually provides support for the arch.

So today, we are looking at Hoka One One. Running shoes from this popular brand are all the hype for their super-cushioned soles that have taken the running world by storm. But are they good for flat feet? Let’s find out!

Are Hoka Shoes Helpful for Flat Feet Patients?

Yes, Hoka can be good for people with flat feet, but it will depend on each case. 

Having pes planus or flat feet means people do not have a curve in their feet. This can cause your feet, ankles, knees, and even lower back to be painful. To keep you going comfortably, make sure you get shoes that provide the right kind of support and cushioning.

One of Hoka’s biggest selling points is its maximum cushioning. Unlike regular shoes, their shoes always come with an added midsole layer. It is effective for dealing with flat-footedness. This extra padding acts as a shock absorber and reduces the impact on your joints that may result in pain or discomfort.

Nevertheless, all Hokas are never created equal. Considering this, let us go through why it is important to know how Hokas can help flat feet and which one can be the best choice for your next run

How are Hokas Good for Flat Feet?

Here’s why Hoka shoes can be helpful for those with flat feet:

  • Maximum Cushioning: We already mentioned it, but we’ll just say it one more time. Hokas come with lots of midsole cushioning. It feels like little pillows hugging your feet as you walk. This helps reduce the impact force traveling up your legs. 
  • Meta-Rocker Technology: The Hoka sole is one of the key components to a more natural stride. Here is how it works – the rocker in the forefoot aids you in a smooth toe-off and propels your toes to roll you forward, while the more curved heel rocks your foot into a comfortable heel strike. It encourages your foot to follow its natural path, relieving additional pressure.
  • Stability Features: Not all Hokas are made the same. Painful overpronation or the collapsing of the foot inwards is a common problem for people with moderate to severe flat feet, and Hoka makes sure to cater to those needs in its selected models. They provide built-in supports constructed into the shoes that provide minor guidance and stop your foot from rolling inwards. The added stability can make a world of difference for those who are flat-footed. 
  • Wide Toe Box: As a flat-footed person, you’ve probably had your toes squished enough times to appreciate how Hokas tend to come with a wider width. This doesn’t seem like a particularly flashy feature, but it is extremely beneficial for flat-footed people. Most shoes have a somewhat narrow toe box that can result in your toes getting crowded if you suffer from flat feet, contributing even more to your discomfort. In contrast, Hokas allow your toes to spread and relax as they naturally would, providing comfort, stability, and overall ease of walking in the process. At the very least, your toes would be happy to finally get some breathing room.

How to Pick the Right Hokas

Hoka makes a wide variety of shoes, which makes it important to choose shoes that are specifically suited for the needs of your flat feet. Follow these tips:

How Bad are Your Flat Feet?

  • Mild Flat Feet: If you have mild flat feet but don’t feel much pain, Hoka neutral shoes with their awesome cushioning might be enough. Look for something like Clifton or Bondi. The cushioning of these shoes has all the features for a comfortable walk, reducing the loads on your joints.
  • Moderate Flat Feet: If you have pain or discomfort in your flat feet, especially after prolonged activity or standing, try a more neutral Hoka with a firmer midsole for improved support. The Challenger series makes for a good cushion vs. support ratio.
  • Severe Flat Feet: For those who have severe flat feet as well as frequent pain, Hoka can be the best choice for you. These shoes are equipped with a medial post – a hard piece of material in the middle of the shoe’s sole that prevents your foot from excessively rolling inward. 

Models like Arahi and Gaviota models have max stack heights and Stackfit shank that runs entirely throughout the shoe. They are good for people who walk or run long distances regularly and want good arch support and stability.

What Activity Will You Be Doing?

Different Hoka shoes are meant for a range of different activities, so opt for a pair that is best suited for your primary use:

  • Walking: Look for cushioning and comfort as priorities for walking. Choose models like the Bondi or Challenger ATR (all-terrain).
  • Running: If you are a runner, Hoka’s lightweight, bouncy technology carries over to trail (Speedgoat) or road (Mach) running shoes for flat feet in technical footwear.
  • Everyday Wear: Hokas offer enough comfort and style to be worn all day, like the One One Clifton or Challenger, providing Hoka cushioning for your everyday comfort.

Additional Features

  • Width: Hoka shoes have a larger width, which is important for flat feet. This allows the toes to stay comfortable, reducing rubbing and pressure. 
  • Drop: The drop is the height difference from the heel to the forefoot of a shoe. Flat-footed runners might prefer a lower heel-toe drop (4-6mm) for a more natural running pattern.

Get Fitted by a Professional

This is particularly important for those with fallen arches. A visit to your local podiatrist could be a lifesaver. Your gait will be assessed by an expert so they can establish what kind of foot you have, enabling them to give advice on which shoe types would be best suited to your needs. Orthotics might also be recommended to offer additional support for your heels.


So, are Hoka One Ones good for flat feet? The answer is “yes!” While many types of running shoes for flat feet may work well in your case, it also hinges on selecting the most appropriate shoe to match your requirements.

If you have flat feet and are considering Hokas, schedule a free online evaluation with Stride Soles. Our experts can help you decide if Hokas are right for you and recommend the best model to offer the most support and comfort your flat feet need!