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Our Story

Greg Gerla
Dr. Zac Cartun

As far back as I can remember I've had foot pain. However, on a Patagonia hiking trip I felt a burning heel sensation so bad I had to quit the trek halfway through. I knew I had to see a doctor. 

Like most things medical, the process was literally and figuratively a pain... I needed a referral from my general practitioner and it took another month to find an available podiatry appointment.  Six weeks after that, I finally picked up my first pair of custom orthotics.

I loved the orthotics. They immediately improved my pain and performance. However, after four months they were totally worn out and I wasn’t looking forward to another $1200 purchase.

I knew there had to be a better way to get clinically approved custom orthotics without the hassle and exorbitant costs. It was during my time studying abroad in France that I met Zac, a doctor who shared my passion for creating efficient processes for patients to get care.

Together, we started exploring ways to create a more accessible and affordable way for people to get custom orthotics. We were inspired by the orthotic production methods we saw in Europe, which were far beyond those in the USA.

We partnered with a clinical team in Germany. The first pair we built was better than any orthotic I've ever worn.

And so, Stride Soles was born.  

Thank you for taking part in the movement! Cheers!