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Stride Soles Custom Orthotics

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Stride Soles Custom Series brings you the same medical grade insoles as your podiatrist, without the hassle of scheduling an appointment. Our bespoke insoles are also tailored to your shoes, movement goals, and pain symptoms, so that you can feel and perform your best, no matter the shoe or activity.

Featuring bioplastic TPU polymer, the most durable material on the orthotic market (and the most sustainable!), your insoles will support your steps, jumps, and strides the first time and the millionth. These orthotics are crafted by our team of expert podiatrists in Germany, who consider every detail of your individual biometrics via a 3D foot scan, gait analysis, and podiatrist-designed questionnaire.

Take 90 days after purchase to see if we are a good fit. If you don’t like Stride, we’ll take them back! 

No Shipping costs for anywhere in the United States!

Every purchase includes the option for a free 30 minute consultation to go over your pain areas and make sure we are producing exactly what you need. 

No Other Insole Comes Close

Off-the-shelf options are convenient but nothing more than low-quality cushions. Podiatrists build proper insoles, yet lack the convenience and affordability to make it a realistic option.

How Stride Works

After purchase you will be directed to begin the process. Average completion time is less than 5 minutes!

Take the quiz

Each data point goes into building the perfect bespoke orthotic for you. From shoe type to pain areas, we’ve got you covered.

Scan Feet

Capture a 3D image of your foot using your phone’s built in TrueDepth camera

We craft your insoles

Made in Germany by our team of podiatrists and expert orthotics craftsmen.

Award Winning Technology and Innovation​

Perfection stands as the goal for every one of our hand-made orthotic. It’s no wonder that our orthotics won the German Seifriz award for the ‘successful cooperation between skilled crafts and science’.

"I love my new Pair of Stride Orthotics... I finally don't have foot pain!"

- Jasper Siedinson

Our Customers Love Stride


Discover unmatched comfort and pain relief with our custom orthotic insoles. Engineered to provide proper arch support and cushioning, our insoles alleviate pressure on the feet, ankles, and knees, helping you bid farewell to discomfort. Whether walking, running, or engaging in sports, experience renewed comfort and ease with every step.


Combat fatigue with our personalized custom insoles. Designed to address the unique needs of your feet, our orthotics offer targeted support, reducing stress on your feet and legs. With an energy-efficient gait, you’ll feel more revitalized and capable of sustaining an active lifestyle for extended periods without experiencing weariness or exhaustion.

With our custom orthotic insoles, you gain control of your foot health, finding relief from pain, fatigue, and discomfort. Enjoy enhanced stability and overall well-being as you embrace a more comfortable and active lifestyle with our tailored solutions.​


Experience the benefits of improved posture and alignment with our custom orthotic insoles. Designed to cater to your unique foot characteristics, our insoles provide optimal arch support, promoting proper alignment from the feet up. By ensuring your body maintains a natural and balanced stance, you’ll enjoy reduced strain on your joints and muscles, resulting in enhanced overall posture and comfort throughout your daily activities.


Unleash your full potential with our custom orthotic insoles that cater to your specific needs. By correcting biomechanical imbalances, our insoles enhance your body’s natural alignment, resulting in improved stability and control. Whether you’re an athlete seeking better performance on the field or simply looking to excel in your daily routines, our tailored solutions empower you to achieve your best with every step.

With a focus on comfort, pain relief, reduced fatigue, improved posture, and enhanced performance, our custom orthotic insoles offer a comprehensive solution to address your individual foot health requirements. Embrace the transformative impact of our tailored solutions and step into a world of unparalleled support and well-being.​

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