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Conditions We Treat

Each orthotic is custom for your condition

Physician-Built Questionnaire

Step One

What it is: A form to understand your pain and pressure areas, performance goals, shoe preferences, and perform gait analysis. This is the exact same set of questions you'd be asked at top podiatry clinics. 

Why we do it: Knowing what needs you have for your orthotic goes into our design process. For example, someone with flat feet might require a higher arch. 

Foot Scan

Step Two

What it is: Use the Stride Soles App to easily capture a 3D image of your foot. Imaging uses the same technology as FaceID and contains contains 30,000 unique dots.  

This is the same scanning technique, tool, and technology that podiatrists use in their offices. 

Why we do it: iPhone’s TrueDepth 3D scanner is widely trusted by doctors to take foot topography scans, including those working with high-profile sports teams (such as the Los Angeles Lakers) and medical societies. The President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine recommends 3D scanning for improved accuracy of foot measurements compared to physical methods. 

Free Consultation

Step Three (Optional)

What it is: Speak to one of our on staff doctors to discuss your custom orthotic and treatment plan.  

Why we do it:  We want to review the information you have given us and answer any questions you may have before we go building your custom orthotic. 

Orthotic Design

Step Four

What it is: Our team of expert podiatrists and orthotics designers take over after AI processing to review your orthotic design. They introduce cushioning and hardplates, adjust thickness and malleability, and reshape the insole's curvature for plantar corrections. 

Why we do it: This process ensures that your orthotic is of clinical grade, and that it meets all of your specific needs and preferences. Using the expertise of our clinical team, your orthotic is carefully crafted to provide the best possible support and comfort for your feet. 


Step Five

What it is: After a final review, the design is given clinical approval and is then constructed using biothermoplastic TPU and vegan leather lining, which are the most premium materials on the market.

Why we do it: The premium materials we use ensure durability and longevity, and enables us to build and ship your insoles out of our facility within 3 days of receiving your scan. 

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