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The Scanning Process

Learn how to easily capture 3D foot scans


  1. Click "Get Started" on our site to download and setup the scanning app
  2. Choose a well-lit room
  3. Sit upright in a well lit room
  4. Go Barefoot!

The Scan

  1. Place your phone on the ground face-up
  2. Hover your leg above the phone, aligned in the silhouette.
  3. Use your hands to support your leg.
  4. The 7-second scan will start automatically

Test it out!

  1. Pinch, zoom, and rotate your scan to see the 3D topography of your foot
  2. Click "Save" if your foot, heel-to-toe, is captured
  3. Click "Rescan" if you want to try again

Note: The scan may include part of your pant cuff or miss some space between your toes. This is totally okay!

Repeat and Upload

  1. Repeat the same process for your other foot
  2. Click "Process Models" in the app to upload your scans
  3. Return to the App setup and download form
  4. Submit your order and the end of the form