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Webinar: Strategies for Pain Free Living

Join Stride Soles Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zac Cartun  on Thursday, September 7th, at 10 am Eastern time as he discusses the latest innovations in foot pain management. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions and break through the many myths out there for foot pain reduction. 

What you’ll learn:

  1. Common Causes of Foot Pain: Understand the various factors and conditions that can lead to foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, and overuse injuries.

  2. Preventive Measures: Learn practical tips and exercises to prevent foot pain, including proper footwear selection, stretching routines, and lifestyle adjustments.

  3. Treatment Options: Gain knowledge about non-invasive and conservative treatment options, such as orthotics, physical therapy, and pain management techniques.

  4. Foot Health Maintenance: Discover the importance of foot health maintenance, including proper hygiene, nail care, and self-examinations to identify potential issues early.

  5. Expert Advice: Access guidance from podiatrists and foot specialists who can provide personalized recommendations for managing and alleviating specific types of foot pain.

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