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Custom Golf Orthotics

(10 customer reviews)


Our golf insoles are designed to revolutionize your golfing experience. Drive further, putt straighter, and experience shot consistency you didn’t know was possible. In fact, our users experience a 7% driving-distance increase on average after a single use!

Our lab of podiatrists and biophysicists bring in professional golfers and study the nuances of foot positioning during power generation, ball contact, and follow-through.  They translate these findings into our golf insoles, designed to optimize your performance by addressing key aspects of your swing mechanics.

Golf swings also generate significant impact forces that can strain your feet, ankles, and knees. That’s where the shock-absorbing properties of custom orthotic insoles come into play. By attenuating these forces upon driver-ball contact, these insoles reduce the risk of injuries and enhance your overall comfort during play. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable game.

Take 90 days after purchase to see if we are a good fit. If you don’t like Stride, we’ll take them back! 

No Shipping costs for anywhere in the United States!

Every purchase includes the option for a free 30 minute consultation to go over your pain areas and make sure we are producing exactly what you need. 

No Other Insole Comes Close

Off-the-shelf options are convenient but nothing more than low-quality cushions. Podiatrists build proper insoles, yet lack the convenience and affordability to make it a realistic option.

How Stride Works

After purchase you will be directed to begin the process. Average completion time is less than 5 minutes!

Take the quiz

Each data point goes into building the perfect bespoke orthotic for you. From shoe type to pain areas, we’ve got you covered.

Scan Feet

Capture a 3D image of your foot using your phone’s built in TrueDepth camera

We craft your insoles

Made in Germany by our team of podiatrists and expert orthotics craftsmen.

Award Winning Technology and Innovation​

Perfection stands as the goal for every one of our hand-made orthotic. It’s no wonder that our orthotics won the German Seifriz award for the ‘successful cooperation between skilled crafts and science’.

"I love my new Pair of Stride Orthotics... I finally don't have foot pain!"

- Jasper Siedinson

Our Customers Love Stride


We optimize your weight distribution and precisely align your arches, enhancing stability and posture throughout your swing. This translates into improved control, accuracy, and consistency in your shots.


The biomechanics of your feet play a crucial role in your golf swing. Our insoles overcome overpronation and supination, correcting imbalances to enhance your body’s natural alignment. By promoting a neutral foot position, we maximize power transfer during your swing, improving clubhead speed and accuracy.​


Golfing involves repetitive weight shifting and impact on the balls (metatarsals) of your feet. Specialized padding helps absorb shock and evenly redistributes pressure across your feet, providing exceptional comfort and allowing you to focus on your game without distraction.


Your Swing demands complete control of your body, starting with your feet. Our orthotics are meticulously designed to provide the ideal combination of flexibility and rigidity throughout the insole. The strategic placement of different lattice patterns and varying thicknesses ensures that you maintain the necessary support and control while allowing for the natural motion of your feet, resulting in a more fluid and powerful shot.​

10 reviews for Custom Golf Orthotics

  1. gregorygerla1

    This is amazing!! So helpful

  2. Zac Cartun

    awesome! i can feel that my shot consistency is way improved

  3. Gabriel S

    Amazing product!

    From the moment I slipped these custom insoles into my shoes, I noticed an immediate difference in managing my plantar fasciitis. The level of support they provide for my feet is outstanding, perfectly conforming to their shape and offering targeted cushioning and stability. Thanks to these incredible insoles, I can now walk and stand for longer periods with significantly reduced pain and discomfort.

    5 stars all the way!

  4. Gil

    Best 200$ I paid, one of the best pieces of gear I got. It’s just so. Unbelievably. Comfortable!

  5. Vasilis

    So easy to get and very comfortable. Highly recommend it !!

  6. Carlo

    It changed the way I run. Highly recommended if you want to run long distances without issues!

  7. Zoe

    My favorite soles, best stride I’ve had so far. Thank you Stride Soles !

  8. Andrew medland

    Wow. First time reviewer of anything here. Been playing for years but every time I hit a bomb my legs would hurt, to such an extend I had to stop playing. A buddy of mine recommended these and I was skeptical but they’ve changed the game for me – cannot recommend enough.

  9. Alice

    Great value, easy to use – you can literally feel the difference! Highly recommended for anyone who’s looking to optimize their game.

  10. Ghadi Abdel Nour (verified owner)

    I tried out these customized orthotic soles for my shoes, and I’m genuinely amazed at the difference they made! The comfort and support they provide are unmatched, and it feels like walking on clouds. My feet no longer feel tired or strained, and I even noticed an improvement in my posture. These personalized insoles are worth every penny – I highly recommend them for anyone looking to treat their feet to the best care possible!

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